North Canterbury,  New Zealand
Alpacas for sale
Here at Honeyfields we have alpacas for sale to suit any buyer no matter where in the world you come from.   We have satisfied purchasers as close as next door and as far away as Europe.   For international buyers we can arrange transport of your alpacas  to any of several experienced pre-export facilities near Christchurch.   
We have male and female alpacas available ranging from ‘pet’ to ‘serious stud’ quality in a variety of colours. A sample of what is on offer is shown in the categories below but we have more for you to select from here on the farm. Contact us for more info - we would love to hear from you.
If you are interested in purchasing an alpaca from Honeyfields Alpacas we would be very happy to help you make your selection based on what you can afford and what you want to get out of owning your alpacas.    Also, when you purchase an alpaca from Honeyfields Alpacas you get a lot more than an alpaca in your paddock.     With every alpaca comes:
delivery arranged free within 100 kms of our farm.
a booklet with all the information about that alpaca for the whole time it has been on Honeyfields Farm – including photos!
a free one day ‘hands on’ workshop on our farm to learn basic good alpaca handling and husbandry skills
after sales service – we are only a phone call away.
a ‘live birth’ or remate guarantee for every pregnant female.
a veterinary health certificate for all alpacas sold at $5,000 plus GST or over
If you do not already have alpacas you are welcome to visit anytime to look at and handle our alpacas and ask questions. You do not have to purchase on your first visit - come as often as you like - there is no obligation to buy.
We look forward to meeting you!!

Honeyfields Alpacas 691 Tram Road  Ohoka R D 2 Kaiapoi 7692 New Zealand
Phone: 03 312 0316 or 021 0514 359