North Canterbury, New Zealand
Pet males for Sale
Young male alpacas make great pets in the paddock. They are easy to handle, friendly and inquisitive and the pleasure you will get from them is only limited by the amount of time you commit to your animals.

When you purchase your first alpacas from Honeyfields we will give you a free one day ‘hands on’ workshop on our farm to teach you the basics of how to handle alpacas and we will arrange delivery of your new alpacas to your farm.   
All young pet male alpacas sold by us are good quality animals with good fleeces and most are halter trained. They are all up to date with all vaccinations and have been or will be castrated before delivery to you.   

IMPORTANT NOTE:  alpacas are herd animals and you will need not less than two of them in your paddock.   For this reason we will not sell one alpaca on it’s own unless you have others.   


Honeyfields Alpacas 691 Tram Road  Ohoka R D 2 Kaiapoi 7692 New Zealand
Phone: 03 312 0316 or 021 0514 359

We have just two young pet males available for sale as as November 2015